Random Idea

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

toenail hunters trying to take down the giant clipper beast


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, straw poll time! And this one's not for the squeamish - If you had to find one of these in your restaurant food, which would it be?
-Nail clippings
-Bea Arthur

Dave said...

As I have found many a hair in my food before, I vote for the hair. It makes a lot more sense being there rather than toenail clippings (ugh).

Bea Arthur - as she has been deceased for some time, I would rather not see her (in the flesh), at all!

lucas said...

that depends, is it bea arthur in the golden girls, or bea arthur in the star wars holiday special?

hell, i'd prefer either!

ps: toenails are gross.

Anonymous said...

Eeeewhhh...little liberated nails. How barbaric

Chris said...

Man, I'd hate to get caught in the jaws of the clipper beast - they look nasty!