Random Idea

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

secret agent marshmallow being held above a cauldron of bubbling caramel


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, some people wonder why villains go to great lengths to use complicated contraptions to kill their nemeses, rather than just shooting them. But to me, it's simple. They have those contraptions; why not use them. It's like, if you had an EZ Cracker. You obviously don't need to use it, but it would be a waste not to, you know?

lucas said...

that infomercial is RACIST!!

as for the comic, are those mini marshmallows, or is that one huge freaking peanut.

oh, and strapless dress? HAWT!!

Chris said...

I must say, I'd love to see a mod for the game GoldenEye with these characters. I can imagine it now:

"The name? It's Puffed, Jet Puffed."