Random Idea

Monday, September 20, 2010



Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, this idea confirms my believe that the frowny face is the funniest thing ever.


Anonymous said...

While your drawing quite aptly depicts malaise/melancholy, just the play on words brought the mental picture of a collie dog with a melon body. Funny how the mind works... or doesn't when some diabolical person is eating your brain. Aaaah zombies!!

Chris said...

Actually, that would've been awesome - a collie dog with a melon body...but this is awesome too.

And question - how would Sean Connery say 'zombies'?



lucas said...


and i'm pretty sure that dude's not sad because he's eating the sad melon; it's because he realized he has an amish beard.

and melon-collie...yeah, that's one opportunity lost forever. :{

Anonymous said...

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