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Friday, October 15, 2010

FINALE: SUPACAT and the Little Crab breathing their last


Andrew Schnorr said...


Julie said...


Julie said...

Wait one gosh darned minute. Pliny's not even on the banner any more. Just what heinous ending have you created.

lucas said...

wow, this is...this is seriously depressing. it's like seeing two old friends die...

Anonymous said...

This ending makes me think of this song. Pliny and his whole world are no more....... The powers that be just turned out the lights. Now he is a myth we will revisit.

Well, Well, WEll, by Peter, Paul and Mary.

Well, Well, Well, Who's that callin'?
Well, Well, Well, Hold my hand.
Well, Well, Well, Night is a-fallin',
Spirit is a-movin' all over this land.

Lord told Noah, Build him an ark,
Build it out of hickory bark.
Old ark a-movin', and the water start to climb,
God send a fire, not a flood next time.


God said fire comin' judgement day,
He said all mankind gonna pass away.
Brothers and sisters don't you know?
You're gonna reap just what you sow.


World's not waitin' for the Lord's command,
Buildin' a fire that'll sweep the land.
Thunder out of heaven, comin' Gabriel's call;
And the sea's gonna boil and the sky's gonna fall.

Chris said...

"Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door......."

-Bob Dylan

ALL GLORY TO...aw, hell with it!