Random Idea

Friday, August 27, 2010

a "He-Loves-Me-Not" flower collecting its petals


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, one thing I've never understood about the he/she-loves-me flower picking game is what the determining factor is. I've heard some people say that whatever the last plucked petal comes up as is the "true" statement, but in my mind, that doesn't make sense. After all, you're plucking it just like all the rest. If, though, you counted the capitulum (head) of the flower to be the final say in the matter, then you are left with a truth that is un-pluckable, that remains. Personally, this makes more sense to me. However, this ambiguity provides you with two options that are opposite each other, making the flower a pretty poor judge of affection, all things considered.

lucas said...

you've thought about this way too much, dude. ;-p

but i do love this idea; i think it would make a great shirt for those people who are all cynical about love and stuff.

Chris said...

I just leave life's mysteries to my magic 8 ball.