Random Idea

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sea lion patiently waiting for his college acceptance letter


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, maybe it's because I'm a California boy whose seen plenty of sea lions in my days, but it strikes me as odd how the sea lion can just be so gosh-darn cute, while other pinnipeds (I'm looking at you, leopard seal), can be ugly as sin.

Chris said...

Agreed - though the harbor seal has its charming angles too. In any case, I hope our sea lion friend gets accepted; I hear the lifetime fish earnings is far greater when a seal gets a college degree. Maybe the little crab can pull some weight.


lucas said...

the harbor seal is a butterface. or the opposite of a butterface...a butterbody!

and i like all the little details here. the spiderweb, the facepalm (facefin), and of course, the little crab, who needs to come out more often!