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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

centennial (er, octocentennial): 800th idea celebrating 800 ideas

Hey! You! This is the 800th one!

Ha! Not expecting that, were you? Unless you were diligently counting since my last centennial (which occurred 100 days ago); then you were expecting it, and rightfully so. So yeah, this is my octocentennial. Think about that. 800 comics. If every comic were a calorie, you'd be 2/5 of the way to the normally-advised daily calorie intake. In fact, if you printed out all 800 comics, and then ate them, you'd consume.....*checks calorie content of ink and paper*.....no calories, but a lot of dyes and chemicals.

So don't do that.

At this point, I've run out of clever ways to create sentences where I can link back to all my previous centennials, which is kinda lousy, seeing how I have to do at least one more of these. And for each of these, it seems like I waver back and forth on the "Is he going to actually do any work for this to make it new and exciting."

Well, this time, I have!

:-O <-You

You may remember (especially if you clicked the "all" above) that for my 400th idea, I went out of my way an created an actual comic, staring everyone's favorite superhero, feline or otherwise, SUPACAT (ALL GLORY TO SUPACAT!). Now, Episode One - "A Purr-fect Hero", didn't have much in the way of a villain. So this time around, we'll be taking a look at a battle between SUPACAT (ALL GLORY TO SUPACAT!) and his arch-nemesis, The Technorat.

And to make this second episode, entitled "E-rat-ication" even more amazing than the first, I've...added one more panel! Seriously the things I do for you people. And now, let's get to the action!

NOTE: Parental discretion advised for extreme acts of heroism!!!


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, this is just to note that any connections between tomorrow's comic and today's is completely spurious, and is only the result of interesting timing.


lucas said...


good to see another 100 down the drain, though it means you're 100 closer to ending it all. still, if that means awesome junk like this, so be it!

Dave said...

All Hail Octo-man! Congratulations on another milestone number!

Anonymous said...

ehh. i liked the first one better. it was the break through. the second one was just a second one.
please god, don't make it into a trilogy.

lucas said...

dude, anon, you know that the site's going to stop updating before the 1200th comic, right? :'(

Chris said...


Although knowing that EA's days are more and more limited is making me :_(


Julie said...

Dear Mr. Apple. Congrats to you and Supacat! Quite the hero. We can all sleep better knowing he is out there.......