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Saturday, April 10, 2010

the 480th annual outhouse toss of Cooledoon


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, you may be wondering why outhouses (both cartoon depictions and real ones) have the crescent moon on them. Well, the reason for that is....actually, there is no universally accepted reason. Some of the most-often-brought-up hypotheses, though, are:

1. Ventilation. Doesn't explain the shape, but at least it explains the existence.
2. Because the moon, or "luna", is the symbol of woman, these symbols used to be exclusive to the ladies' outhouse. Then...I don't know, they became co-ed or something.
3. In order to save on wood, the moon was carved into the door as a simple handle.
4. The hole was cut in to allow in light (being before the age of electricity). The moon shape was mostly decorative, but had to do with the fact that this use was mostly relevant at night, when the moon would be able to shine in.

While this is all very interesting, and the debate fervent, I have absolutely nothing of value to add to it.

Instead, here is a baffling political cartoon portraying a grossly inaccurate Jefferson Davis "going to war." And when you flip it, it resembles a donkey. Somewhat.

lucas said...

i think you need MORE political cartoons featured here!