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Sunday, February 28, 2010

the world's craziest king whose high general is a fish in his pants


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, you might be interested to note that this is actually based - directly - on a role playing character of mine, named (aptly enough) "The Man in Pants". He was exactly like this, and his general's name was "General Pantfish". He was also essentially invicible, because he'd always pull something out of his pants, Mary Poppins-like, to save himself in desperate situations, and then fly away on a rainbow or something. He was the perfect counterpart to my other, significantly more serious, roleplaying character, the Neo Deus.

The funny thing is, nobody ever knew (and I'm pretty sure very few people ever suspected), that I was both characters. I would even have the two interact frequently, and even had an all-out battle waged between these two, and nobody figured it out. Unless I told them. Or unless they're reading this now.

And, truth be told, I'd say that The Man in Pants was the original Elderly Apple Guy. So there you go!

Chris said...

Wow, knowing how many people that were duped by that stunt, I kinda take it as an honor that I was among the few that were enlightened to this paradox.

On second though, you really do have a really, really random mind.


Julie said...

Thank you Chris, because that's what I'm thinking. Seriously...from where does this come. Random indeed! Has anyone ever suggested to you this is not normal. You're scaring me a little.

lucas said...


anyway, cool story bro. puts this all into perspective, knowing you were ALWAYS nuts.

Rubik said...

Actually, if you recall, I did figure this out using your image trail. I just posted this comic to the Gleemax forums. Your secret has remained safe all these years, if any of them read the comments, they will know as well.

Damior/Niek said...

Wow, the Neo Deus was the last person I would have guessed. You hid your identity well indeed.

P.S. Please come back

ToEE said...

... Good god, someone's good at hiding secret. I also agree with Niek, MuP of MuPs. Please come back? Moar posters needed, and if I recall correctly you are almost as much of a god as the MiP

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