Random Idea

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

tugboat ninja


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, some people may note that shurikens, such as those used by ninjas, are not used as weapons, but as means of distraction so that the ninja can escape, thus making my depiction of shurikens as killing instruments inaccurate.

I counter that by noting that my ninja is a boat; your argument is invalid.

Dave said...

Do I see a face in the sooty smoke belching from Little Ninja Toot Toot's smokestack, or is this just my imagination playing tricks on me?

Nice touch.

lucas said...

it's bin laden's face!

Chris said...

It does look like a face...and if a shuriken alone can puncture the hull and oil containers for these ships, then somebody's not been double-hulling their ships.

On second though, I kinda feel bad for the blue ship on the right, he looks like such a happy fellow and is going to meet an unfortunate end.