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Friday, January 22, 2010

I.M. Meen joining to celebrate a 2nd birthday


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, Happy 2nd Birthday to Elderly Apple. Hard to believe how far we've come. Now we go into the terrible twos. :{

Oh, if you *don't* recognize I.M. Meen, then:
1. We are no longer friends.
2. You obviously missed that week where I professed my love for the evil magician.
Still, I felt there was nobody better to share my comic's birthday with. And so, in addition to my fan art for the large-crotch man, I actually also made a voice modification for the game Street Fighter IV, so you can now fight with I.M. Meen. And that is my birthday present to you, dear friends.

lucas said...

alright! i.m. meen and his huge crotch are back! i know i said this the first time i saw it, but that video is surreal!

wait, birthday? it's elderly apple's birthday? i need to take it out for a tequila run!

or, what do 2-year-olds drink?

jackie31337 said...

How many apple years is 2 human years? Because the elderly apple is already elderly, despite only being 2 years old.

Chris said...

Remember now, you don't want too much of a goodie-goodie, that cake might take you to the same place as I.M. Meen's book. On another note, that is one awesome drawing of ol' Meen. On another other note, since the company that made the game was a Russian-American company, imagine a Russian version of I.M. Meen.

Happy birthday to EA!