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Sunday, December 6, 2009

a rose falling off a ladder onto his spotter


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, let's talk about ladder safety today, kids. Did you know that falling off ladders accounts for a whopping 80% of ladder-related injuries? The magnificent spoilsports over at OSHA have a checklist of different tips you can use to prevent ladder-falling-off-from incidents. However, their list contains multiple items, and in its stead, I present to you this one-point checklist of ways to prevent ladder injuries.

-Burn your ladders. Burn them. Preferably when you're not standing on one.

And now you're protected from ladders. Deadly, murderous ladders. >:|

Dave said...

If 80% of accidents is falling off of ladders, the other 20% could only be eiher tripping over or having ladduer fall on their unsuspecting victims?

Also, what is your suggestion for aluminum ladders? A wood chipper??

lucas said...

ladders don't kill people, PEOPLE kill people (sometimes with ladders).