Random Idea

Saturday, December 19, 2009

5 mercury rings


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, fun fact: mercury is my favorite element. Here's why:
-It has the coolest nickname ("Quicksilver").
-It has a legitimate claim to uniqueness, being the only liquid metal.
-Have you ever seen it move around? Watch a video; it's totally like the T-1000.
-If you bathe in Mercury, it will completely disinfect you. Yes, it will also end up killing you before too long, but now you're just being contrary.

Julie said...

eewwhhe gross

how does one spell the aforementioned word. I have always been at a loss. Is there an agreed upon letter combination that everyone recognizes. It would sure help.

lucas said...

julie, what word are you talking about? "ewwww"? because that's what it is. "ewwww".

Chris said...

Wow - that is pretty damned awesome! No wonder my dad used to play with that stuff when he was a kid - they would just leave it on the side of the railroad tracks back in the day!