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Monday, December 21, 2009

3 Scandinavian hens


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, this was originally slated to be "3 Finnish Hens", due to my unabashed love for the nation of Finland and its people. However, I had to switch when I couldn't think of three stereotypes about the Finns, other than them being great (which is less a stereotype and more my opinion).

I know there is some Finnish blood in the audience, so if you know of any stereotypes of your great country, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Oh the biggest stereotype of the finns is being mistaken for scandinavians.

Julie said...

loving hen # 1's attire.

lucas said...

the sweater really makes this. really.

Anonymous said...

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Chris said...

Ha - this is a classic - very well drawn and "ethnic-y".


jackie31337 said...

Sorry to be incredibly late commenting on this, but some Finnish stereotypes include:
- having multiple mobile phones (there are currently more mobile phones in Finland than there are Finns)
- enjoying winter sports
- going to the sauna (and beating themselves with wet birch branches)
- drinking heavily