Random Idea

Friday, October 30, 2009

candy corn congressional conflicts causing caustic, contumelous chaos


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, I bet that if Congress were really like this, C-Span ratings would triple (though, to be fair, getting four more viewers can't be that difficult).

Oh, and I had fun naming this one. Straw poll: should I have an alliteration theme week at some point in the indiscriminate future?

lucas said...

alliteration? ALLITERATION?! i think i just...i can't even say it in polite company.

one vote for HELLS YES you do more alliteration. and as an english grad, that should count as two votes.

Dave said...

Can Club-footed Candy Corns carry coolheaded credible conversations, considering constant conceited congressional complacency?

Certainly can!

Julie said...

Yes yes yes...alliteration...oh yes Bring it on.
Love this. Think you should forward this to Obama. I bet he could name each candy cornhead.

Chris said...

And people thought ethanol made corn politics rough...


PS. I approve of alliteration week!