Random Idea

Sunday, September 20, 2009

a traditional lightbulb hiding from a tiny mob of CFLs


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, I take great pride that one of the developers of the CFL bulb was formerly a professor at UC Berkeley (where I studied business for a few years). Hell, I might as well hold the patent for it.

And your I.M. Meen video today is another dance remix, this time of the famous Leekspin (it is famous; it has a Wikipedia page!), but featuring everyone's favorite evil librarian. If you can tinker YouTube to loop videos, it's worth it. Seriously, though, if I used screensavers, I would totally want to use this video.

Anonymous said...

My...It is a very tiny mob.
Who knew that the new guys were so angry. I will have to think twice now about switching. Not sure I like their vibe.
PS I didn't hear anybody complaining about the big guy 20 years ago. Not his fault ):

jackie31337 said...

Your trivia for the day: the song in leekspin is Ievan Polkka, a song from eastern Finland.

Also, maybe the anger output of CFL bulbs is similar to their light output: just two CFLs have as much anger as a whole angry mob of traditional incandescents.

lucas said...

wait, so if he sweats, does that make him short out?

and for today's im meen video, i think you MAY have missed the libro-sexual undertones in the video...