Random Idea

Friday, September 18, 2009

jealous tadpole at a masquerade


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, am I the only person who can totally recognize people when they wear a masquerade mask. I mean, really, who is the Phantom of the Opera trying to fool?

And to own up to yesterday's promise, here is you I.M. Meen video for today: an absolutely astounding, fast-paced remix of the song. Probably not meant for people with pacemakers.

lucas said...

XD great video!

and this reminds me of the new assassin's creed, that takes place in vienna or something. but i never understood those big nose masks. they just look...ugly, but not ugly enough to have meant to be grotesque. you know what i mean?

(and at first, i thought these were leeches)

Julie said...

See what happens...you wear an evil costume and you begin acting evil.
I'm just saying, that is one scary mask. I think the couple should slime him and expose him for who he really is.