Random Idea

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

evolving lychees


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, my mini culinary review on lychee: very good taste, but too expensive in comparison to the food:refuse ratio. Unless you plan on making jewelry out of its beautiful pit, you end up throwing most of it away.

Overall, I endorse it with one shaky thumb, meaning I still think you should buy some fresh lychees once, because in the end, I think everyone should try everything at least once. (This has been a public service announcement by Elderly Apple.)

jackie31337 said...

I think I recently ate some dried lychees. A co-worker brought back some confections from China. One of them was some kind of fruit with a pit that had been soaked in a mix of spices (I distinctly tasted cloves, not sure what else), then dried. I originally thought it might have been some kind of plum, but now I'm leaning more toward lychee.

Anonymous said...

Ixney on the eachlay

Dave said...

Never a dull moment @ the Eldery Apple.

Now I'll have to go out and find some of these to try myself. Maybe some Lychee Ice Cream!

lucas said...

i must say, dude, the coloring here is actually really good. i've seen lychees, and you got their off white coloring really well made here, much better than with those skeletons way back when.

however, i'm not a fan of lychees. maybe i just had a bad one, but it was like a fruit version of calamari. blah!