Random Idea

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a sole, uncrushed grape inside a wine bottle


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, I recently went to a wine-making facility, where I saw stacks upon stacks of wine barrels towering toward the cieling. The first thing I wondered was, "I wonder what it's like during an earthquake." I can only hope it would be as bad as this (warning: toxic-sounding laughter in link).

lucas said...

if those wine barrels spilled all over, i would gladly lend my services to clean it up!

(oh, and i like the little floaties).

Julie said...

OMG Crazy link. We've had some good ones at TJ's but kind of glad not that good. Holy mackrel.
Think they go fired?
PS Love this one. Such a cute little fruit he is... complete with water wings.

Dave said...

Hey Employee of the Month on the forklift, You're Fired !!

Chris said...

That is kind of sad - our hapless hero's swimming in a pool of his own kind. I wonder if he'll get drunk off of it.