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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

saltine beach decency police


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, if you think something like this is some conservative fantasy of mine, you're actually wrong! These types of things actually happened during a time which I refer to as "Way Back When".

lucas said...

woo, the crab is back!!!

and while i would say that that cracker is HAWT, i can't really go for lopsided bikinis.

Dave said...

While she is flaunting her crispy, flaky crust, they both neglect to see the wave curling above their salted heads... one that will turn them both into just very soggy white crackers (no redneck jokes please)

Chris said...

I wonder if they exchanged some salty language...eh, eh!

Hahaha, you know our crab friend appreciates a good pun, unlike our dour SUPACAT!

All glory to SUPACAT!


Unknown said...

They look so bored. Throw in a little crab to spice it up!

Anonymous said...

Man, crackers are hilarious.