Random Idea

Monday, August 17, 2009

a man exiled for being too cool for this world


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, I think this would be a good concept for a show, wherein some guy travels the universe, trying to find a planet that he's not too cool for. However, by the end of each episode, he has to resign to the fact that he's just too cool and leaves yet again.

Dave said...

Would this be a comedy? If not, I think that show would have a very limited viewership. I know I can't stand this type in my real life, much less in my relaxation time periods.

Chris said...

This sounds like some sort of Happy Days-In-Spaaaaaace spin-off based off of the Fonz. Of course, you could do a labor-relations themed episode of EA based off of the MC Hammer line, "Too legit to quit."

Break it down!


P.S. On the Fonz in Space Idea: "Eyyy!"

lucas said...

did you base this off of me?