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Saturday, September 12, 2009

centennial (er, Sexcentennial): 600th idea celebrating 600 ideas

Hey! You! This is the 600th one!

You know, when I told a lady friend of mine that I was going to be having my sexcentennial, I was slapped in the face. After having my apparently dirty mouth vigorously scrubbed with soap (a little of which I think I swallowed), I explained that I meant I had reached 600 consecutive days of Elderly Apple ideas. Or, rather, tried to explain; my mouth was still numb from all that scrubbing.

But since you're all not in front of me, and neither slapping nor soap can be transmitted through the Internet (yet), I can inform you without fear of retribution that today is indeed my sexcentennial. The big six-oh.....oh. And if you've only joined us since the quincentennial, then congrats, you've reached your first milestone.

Now, in the past, I've done a number of things to celebrate reaching 100 strips. I've shown old sketches, I've taken pictures, I've showcased other people's work, I've showcased others people's work that I actually paid for (what was I thinking?), and I even once did something original (what was I thinking?!). So this time? Something new and exciting?

Nope. I'm just going to show you everything all over again.

That's right; how much larger of a cop-out could I do? (Well, I could do nothing, but...) I decided that I wanted to put all my non-centennial ideas into a single video, as a way to look at everything I've done thus far, even if you don't have much time and your mouse-clicking finger is acting up too much to navigate the site. And so, I present:

Elderly Apple: Retrospectrophotometry: 600 Days in 600 Seconds

And yes, I realize that because of the non-included centennials, this only actually has 594 ideas. But I tried that as a title; it doesn't roll off the tongue as well. Besides, I say "600 Days" not "600 Ideas". Anyhoo, in this video, you can see:

-How the art on EA has improved (fewer stray lines, better color, etc.).
-How the art on EA hasn't improved (perspective, anatomy, and all those essential things).
-How many different ways I have drawn ghosts (I count at least 4).
-How many times I have reused old ideas, repackaged in some ways (a couple).
-How many ideas you may have COMPLETELY forgot about (like this one; I hardly remember a thing about it.)
-How many times the words "Elderly Apple" appear in some capacity (a lot).

And a bunch of other stuff. So sit back with a cup of something hot, and enjoy 600 seconds of memories.

P.S. If you liked that video, feel free to use it in whatever capacity you like. Watch it, share it, and go onto the YouTube page and give it 5 stars! Or 4! But preferably 5!


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close up.

lucas said...


i feel like we're growing old together. i know you plan on stopping, but dammit, i don't want you to!

anyway, that video was great, and i almost never sit through 10-minute long videos. getting me to do that, THAT is an accomplishment.

jackie31337 said...

Congratulations! I discovered Elderly Apple after the cake was featured on Cake Wrecks, so I guess this is my first actual centennial of readership.

Chris said...

Good job, I must say, I'm impressed. There were times in the beginning where I thought "Where the hell is this going?" But like life itself, you never know what's next!

Gotta love the '80s mule!


Julie said...

Mr. Elderly Sir, my sincerist congratulations. Your video was like a hop down memory lane...seeing old friends and wishing they could stay.Loved the music. What a perfect choice.
Congrats congrats and thank you.
I look forward to you every day.