Random Idea

Sunday, August 2, 2009

razor on hold for customer service


Andrew Schnorr said...

Alternate title #1: razor being nagged by his overbearing girlfriend.
Alternate title #2: razor not understanding why he hasn't finally made the switch to cell phone, or jeez, at least a cordless phone.

Chris said...

Alternate title #3: Razor not realizing he has his phone upside down.

On a side note: your drawings are looking better and better - vast improvement over "Kinda cool turtle playing on his first drum". Maybe it would be "kinda cool" to re-do some of your older stuff and label it "EA Remasters". Hey, if it worked for the original runs of Star Trek.

Just a random, stray thought...


lucas said...

alternate title #4: a razorcalling a chiropractor, cause he's bending the wrong way.

i agree with redoing stuff, too! more work for you!