Random Idea

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

emotion dispenser


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, how are you all feeling?

jackie31337 said...

Perhaps :I is the emoticon for frustrated, which is how I'm feeling right now. Trying and failing to solve a technical problem at work.

Dave said...

Too bad we don't have this option:

A pocket of quarters and you can keep popping them in until you get the emotion you wish for, hopefully the "happy-joyful-grateful" everyday!

Chris said...

The little Eable dude to the far right seems awfully happy to get a what I would assume red, angry emotion. And as far as :I - maybe it's someone who ate too much. I'm pretty sure we've all been there.

And as far as how I'm going...I can't complain, and even if I could, no one would listen.


Julie said...

I got to get me one of them. Isn't there a way to rig which one comes out...like when you really wanted a "green one"?
In a deeper sense, isn't this simply a reflection of "real" life and the possibility of any given day. Oooops, no offense to your cool machine.

lucas said...

how much are those things?