Random Idea

Thursday, April 9, 2009

a young telephone pole getting caught using a cell phone


Andrew Schnorr said...

Call me a cantakerous old man if you will, but I personally believe that these spoiled youngsters should be getting cell phones until they have a license. I was alive for 18 years before getting a cell phone, and I did just fine.

(Also, I realize that when they have a license, they would no longer need a cell phone to call parents for a ride, and it would also cause a terrible on-road distraction....you know what, kids should have cell phones, okay?!)

dumbbum said...

I LOVE IT! I hope you'll NEVER run out of ideas :) PLUS, the little EAG portrait sticker on "father-pole" (I think it is the disciplinary father) adds an interesting touch.

lucas said...

dude, that's supposed to be YOU on that poster? wow, i guess i didn't recognize you without your goatee. seriously, dude, that thing defines you.

Dave said...

As Arnold would say:

Thaaaa's a Gooooo one !!