Random Idea

Monday, April 13, 2009

a screw with incredibly boring dreams


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, I just had a dream in which I was the manager at a Taco Bell, but all my employees turned on me and through me into the downstairs dungeon (that apparently every Taco Bell has?). I then spent the rest of the dream fighting my way back to the surface, befriending a misunderstood rat, and, by the end of the dream, giving all the mutinous employees a 15% pay cut.

Anyone else have an interesting dream recently?

Dave said...

What do you expect from a flathead, standard slot, self-tapping, fine threaded screw? I've never met one that I could hold a decent and semi intelligent conversation with yet!

lucas said...

this reminds me of "dam tv, you've ruined my imaginations, just like you've ruined my ability to....uh".

oh, i never noticed it until the new site, but you like using that bed's color scheme quite a bit.