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Thursday, February 19, 2009

bookmark escaping to be with his friends


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, the bookmark industry is in trouble! What with these new electronic document readers, these Kindles, these...Kindle 2.0's, people are able to keep their place in books without an extemporaneous piece of paper! This will not stand, people! Go to your local bookmark store and support them with your bailout-assisted dollars. They are the heroes of this nation!*

*Paid for by the Legion of American Bookmark Makers.

Anonymous said...

How can I ever use a Bookmark again? :( It's so cruel. snirf.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say that our only local Bookmark store just closed last week... I fondly remember going in as a small child and getting my bookmark for a shiny penny!

Or, was I was fondled and got a penny from the bookmark man?

What the hell! Thanks for bringing that back up!

Anonymous said...

ha, i like the book title. sounds like something i'd read when i was an undergrad. and by the way, a paperclip?