Random Idea

Thursday, May 8, 2008

schitzophrenic pocket watch at 6:20 (pm)


Andrew Schnorr said...

Also, I have an assignment for you peoples! I'm thinking of giving away some freebies (buttons, etc.) at this year's Comic-Con and I want to know which of my previous ideas you think would work best (be most accessible, look nicest, whatever) on either a round or rectangular giveaway!

Hop to it!

Anonymous said...

Pliny! Pliny! Pliny!

I also think the Sven episode would be good. Today's schizo-clock would also be fun (if possibly politically incorrect.) The blind date one with the caption: "Holy Sexual Undertones, Batman!" would be cool. Also, Genti, the refrigerator (March 24th) could be one and the planetary salami (March 30th) I would approve of.

Good luck taking EA to the big time!

-Comrade Chavez